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  • Mood: Anguish
i probly won't even be back at all this year :(
an i really hate to say that, but it's most likely true.

so i've been spending the last couple months adjusting to living in a new place. it's smaller than what i'm used to. an we are minus one pokie dog an one moose cat. also i've been finding out what it's like to live nightshade free, an it is soooo wierd for me! like i can think clearly! an sleep! an eat food without feeling sick to my stomach! an it's just amazing!

but, some stupid things have happened as well.
like when i went to the doctor for whatever reason back in march or february or something. i was getting some blood tests, an the nurse lady that was getting the blood messed up somehow an stabbed me in the nerve. so that caused erve dammage an that can take a long time to heal. but also sometimes it never heals right. so only time will tell if lefty will ever be the same.
but for right now, i have to be carefull with lefty. if i use it to much (typing as far as i have right now is almost to much) it starts geting this out of body expireince tipe of feeling an ow it feels like lightening is humming an crackling up an down my arm, n a start not being able to do

typing is hard. opening warer bottles s hard. holding my camera is had. spreding ceam chees ona bagle is nigh impossibe. an just DOING NYTHING that require hand is mostli jusst no

why not just use righty?
cause on april 27 i accidently drolled out iof bed an sprained muy right wrist an prolly most of my fingers with th way ilanded onit an still is sprain.

ivvvvhhvvvvvvvvvv mmoir  t ssaadfyyyyyyyyy   bbbbyt miiiiimaam
litrrly fihgting too tyip nw srrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtyiooooorryyyy  sssssssssseeeeeeee u             ltr b uy


Shadow-711's Profile Picture
Julia Higgins
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
i live someplace in New Hampshire. i am a shy loner type of person. i have social anxiety and won't go into public without my mum :paranoid:

i may take a lot of nice pictures, but i don't consider myself a professional photographer or any thing like that. far from it actually. i've never taken a photography class (nor do i intend on taking one in the future), i'm just some 20 year old with a nice camera who likes sharing what i see :)

i had a crummy laptop with photo-shop elements 8 on it but it died. so im using mums laptop for now.

i'm trying to save up so i can upgrade to a desktop that will (hopefully!) be my forever computer. what i mean by this is that i chose one that's powerful enough that it will be able to tackle all i can throw at it for years to come,

i like to draw from time to time, but i'm not very good at anatomy. i especially hate human anatomy >:[
so i draw wolf type things 'cause they remind me of my favorite doggie Kona… :) and cause i like the way they flow, ya-know?

i read and appreciate all my comments<3
though i probably won't respond to you if you leave a comment, due to my social anxiety. very very sorry about that D':
i am trying to work on it though.
on that note, it's unlikely that i will start a conversation with anyone (regardless of how much i may want to!).
but if you still wanna try to talk to me, then send me a note or leave a comment saying something like 'Hey Shadow! i'd love it if you could reply to me!' and then say whatever you wanted to say. be patient though, because it may take a weak (or more!:() for me to pluck up the courage to force myself to reply.
then i will have a mini panic attack and leave the internet for an hour or so... ^^;
i'm quite afraid of people. it sucks!

these photo-shop brushes are my LIFE BLOOD! >>>… <<< :heart:

that i like going through peoples gallery's :+fav:ing everything awesome in it!
you are welcome for that :D
ALSO!! i only :+fav: things i like. sorry if that offends you somehow.

i have tumblr

I do NOT have a Facebook.
so don't ask.


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136 / 711
if you like my art and want to donate points, then here you go! :D

also if you donate, i will give you a hug thank you, and i will check out your gallery! and if i find something i like, i will definitely fav it! <3

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